Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Close up magic trick Creature Shock - Designed by Peter Loughran


Peter Loughran's magic tricks are usually releases to watch out for, and his latest incarnation is no exception to that rule. With big hits like "Anything Floats", and his stage magic release "Relic of the Revenant" Peter's illusions have been great editions to the few magic stores that carry his illusions. Each of his products are hand made to order by him so the magic stores that are contracted to represent his illusions are very fortunate.

His latest effect is definitely not one to bust out for a 6 years old's birthday party, not unless you want to scare him back into diapers. This illusion is called "Creature Shock", and the word shock is in the name for a reason. The performer is not electrically shocking anyone, but more startling the viewer with an unexpected reveal. It goes without saying that this prop is of super high quality, and built to last. Made for close up or stage presentations. 

Learn more about this effect by clicking here: Creature Shock Trick

This effect gets 3 1/2 out of 4 Aces!

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