Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Magic trick of the year TKO 2.0

Best magic trick of the year

Jeff Kaylor Rarely, do I just jump on a product and call it the best anything. I usually weigh the pro's and cons of a product. And I think most will agree that there isn't many magic routines, products or Magic gimmicks that have all pro's when being rated and evaluated. 

That is until I received an advanced copy of Jeff Kaylor's TKO 2.0 re-imagined toppit utility device.



Jeff aside from being extremely humble, and friendly comes across as a perfectionist in his work. TKO 2.0

In an age where devices, and utilities are becoming more electronic like Mesika's Tarantula, and his latest incarnation The Spider Pen Pro. There is however, a higher amount of risk to a magician that has to rely on a device to perform as well as his training. And it's a risk that many do not want to apply in there working routines.

Customers pay a lot of money to hire a professional Magician, and they expect you to be at your best for there guests, and or potential clients. This is why Electronic magic devices are popular in social situations, but for the working Magician who wants to project professionalism and reliability, chooses to work with what they can rely on.  


The Kaylor Option is simply one of the most revolutionary, and creative devices to hit the Magic community in as many years, as I can remember.

The TKO 2.0 is something they can always relay on, use for multiple routines, and you don't need a jacket or long sleeves. The result is vanishes that create an immediate impact to the laymen. Jeff Kaylor has really thought of it all, with this product. Not only can you vanish coins, but you can also retrieve coins with ease right in front of your spectators. There is also a card retrieval method that allows you to produce and retrieve cards on the spot.

Personally, I had been performing a 3" jumbo coin routine for many years, and after working with my personal unit. I have now found a way to use my TKO to produce my jumbo coin with ease. And it is less suspect then my previous method. This is what makes the TKO so special. It is continually elevating fellow Magicians existing routines as well as offering more possibility without the use of electronic devices that have a propensity to break at the wrong moment.

This is by far one of the most original and exciting magic related products devised in years this to me is not only trick of the year, but because of it's incredible diversity it could quite possibly be the magic utility device of the decade.

  Check out the TKO 2.0 Video Demo product page for more informaion.
Available in Black or White

What is your favorite Magic Trick this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magic Levitation or Anti-Gravity Science?

Scientist who looked to defy Gravity and succeeded.

Eric Laithwaite super conductive engineer

I stumbled a very interesting video today that could, and would lend itself well to a magic routine on levitation, if presented correctly. The video was shot in the early 80's by a pioneer named Eric Laithwaite. His studies of gyro-dynamics, and Gyroscopes with regard to it's clear impact on gravity still spur discussions in the scientific field today. His work with Magnetic power and use also led to his patent of what was called the linear induction motor, also know as the Maglev system used in the high speed rail systems. The Maglev system developed by Eric is literally an anti gravity system, using Magnetic energy. Yes, Eric is the father of the high speed rail propulsion system. Check out this video demonstration of his Anti-gravity Gyroscope at work.

This principle could be incorporated into your Magic routine to show that the effects of Gravity, and weight can be manipulated scientifically, and Magically. You then could go into a series of simple levitations leading to more Grand Levitation's. It could also spur the topic of U.F.O.'s and the principle on how they are thought to levitate. In researching more about Anti-gravity principles I found this unique cut-out sketch of a theoretical U.F.O. design. Take I look at this flying saucer sketch, but while reviewing it let the video you just watched sink in with this saucer concept. "It leaves you thinking, What If? Doesn't it"!

One might utilize these principles, and incorporate the trick: Rotation Of A Floating Human  as found here. This principle of magic makes sense if you were to demo the Anti-grav prior to this levitation. As they are both spinning but with the use of magic you are able to slow the rotation and yet still levitate. 
Obviously, the power to put together a great levitation type routine for your stage performance is really limitless this is just a suggestion of how one might proceed. There is countless directions you can go to help tip the spectators minds towards the realm of possibility, and further develop your fan's imagination's.

Written by - Jason Ring

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Close up magic trick Creature Shock - Designed by Peter Loughran


Peter Loughran's magic tricks are usually releases to watch out for, and his latest incarnation is no exception to that rule. With big hits like "Anything Floats", and his stage magic release "Relic of the Revenant" Peter's illusions have been great editions to the few magic stores that carry his illusions. Each of his products are hand made to order by him so the magic stores that are contracted to represent his illusions are very fortunate.

His latest effect is definitely not one to bust out for a 6 years old's birthday party, not unless you want to scare him back into diapers. This illusion is called "Creature Shock", and the word shock is in the name for a reason. The performer is not electrically shocking anyone, but more startling the viewer with an unexpected reveal. It goes without saying that this prop is of super high quality, and built to last. Made for close up or stage presentations. 

Learn more about this effect by clicking here: Creature Shock Trick

This effect gets 3 1/2 out of 4 Aces!